Episode 17 – Kenneth Ma

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So stoked to have Kenneth Ma, CEO of AreaHype, on this episode of Digital Data Café hosted by Albert Thompson, Founder & CEO of DrivenIQ. 🚀 Ken has 10+ years of startup and investing experience. On this episode we talk more on how AreaHype is connecting small businesses with clients, facilitating hyperlocal ads, creating the creator economy with videos and how to build content like TikTok.


Episode 18 – Trung Pham

The Digital Data Café Podcast is back with another brand-new episode. Really pleased to have Trung Pham, CEO, and Founder of RYSE, an IoT (internet of things) company, on the show today. An IoT prop-tech startup, RYSE, is on a mission to have all new buildings be net-zero in carbon emissions by 2030. In this episode, we talk about their story and mission.

Episode 16 – Steven Apicella

On this episode we talk more on if the automotive industry’s mission is to only sell a car, maybe a couple of F&I products or is it also to earn a reoccurring customer?

Digital Data Café at NADA 2022

On this week at Digital Data Café Podcast, we are joined by Paul Meijer owner of Dealer Vendor Match and Dana Rogers President of Preowned Auto Logistics.

Episode 15 – John Keller

This week, we dive into automotive research, how digital retailing giants are taking hold of the market, and what makes Auto Digest unique to the automotive industry.

Episode 14 – Scott Trainor

On this episode we will be exploring automotive hiring best practices, how USA motor jobs is working to build a long term network relationships that will have an effect on the automotive industry in the years to come.

Episode 13 – Shawn Armorer

On this episode will explore BDC best practices, leveraging data and communicating sustainable business strategies.

Episode 12 – Christine Hensley

On this episode, we will explore BDC promotions, the rise of TikTok and how to use it as a lead generation tool, the three S of social media, and other uses of social media.

Episode 11 – Don Brady

Ship your car now is a technology that uses artificial intelligence and algorithms to provide real-time information on how much it will cost to have a vehicle picked up.

Episode 10 – Brent Albrecht

Friendemic specializes in online reputation tools for many of the world’s largest automotive brands, retail-level dealer groups, individual dealerships, and retail businesses nationwide.

Episode 9 – Paul Meijer

Discover how Dealer Vendor Match is changing the automotive game by helping connect dealers to vendors and making their communication easier!